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Fired up the CS today--at long last! (long)

I certainly can't be accused of being in a hurry! I bought a donor engine back in February or March and just today started it for the very first time.

As some of you may know, this car has been off the road since 1979. It is a 302/4V car, and I found a killer deal on a 302 out of a wrecked car and decided to install it while considering the rebuild on the original (read: I'm Mustang poor right now!).

The engine also came with a C-4 that we installed as a unit, but I didn't realize the tailhousing portion was damaged in the accident until I had changed the filter and drainpan gasket and was filling the thing; quart #4 started leaking all over the floor from a crack up beneath the transmission mount (which was broken on the donor car--should've had a clue, but it looked fine when I cleaned the thing up). My '68 tranny is being rebuilt and beefed up right now--hope to have it back to reinstall in a couple of weeks.

I haven't reinstalled the original 4 barrel intake and carburetor yet (sent the carb out to Pony Carbs for a rebuild--looks great, anyway!), but I had to swap the harmonic balancer and pulley set to run the power steering pump. I also used the original alternator, exhaust manifolds, speedometer gear, and little wiring attachment for the back-up lights. I took the radiator to a local shop and had it checked out before reinstalling. I replaced the water pump (because the fan pulley was broken and I was worried it might've been damaged in the accident) and used new motor mounts and transmission mount.

I hooked up the stock exhaust system, which is in very good shape for being 23+ years old, and ran the gas line from a can and the engine fired right up! You would not believe the cloud of orange rust/smoke that blew out of the tailpipe!!! We were driven from the garage until it cleared. Then all the penetrating oil that had been sprayed on the exhaust manifolds (so I could remove them from the old engine) started smoking off, but that wasn't as bad.

I'm thinking I'll blow air thru the gaslines into the tank, which had been removed, so it sat drained all these years but looks very dusty inside. Then I'll try and vacuum out the tank somehow to clean it. Then maybe dump a little gas in and drain it back out to remove the remaining debris?

When hooking up the negative battery cable, there was a MAJOR spark, so one of the next little (unanticipated) steps in this long progression is looking for a electrical drain; I think this'll be easier to do w/o the fenders and such, so I need roll on that now while the car is partially disassembled. I also have all four wheels off in anticipation of redoing the brake system; I have a new mastercylinder waiting as well.

Once the mechanical details get ironed out, then real fun will begin: reassembling the front end and fenders, all removable parts from the rear of the car (bumpers. lights, etc), the entire interior, the heater assembly, and probably a bunch of other little things I can't think of or don't know about right now--the worst part is that I have only done about 1/4 of the disassembly myself, I bought it torn apart with many little bags of screws and such with labels of where they came from. I just hope there aren't too many pieces missing :-\

I just wanted to share this today because I am fairly impressed with myself--since I am a girl (kind of an old girl now, tho) who only changed the oil in my car for the first time in my life 2 1/2 years ago... My "other half" helps a lot, but he's really crabbby when I ask and we end up fighting when we work on my car, so I try to do as much myself as I can--keeping the peace in the family and all, you know!
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