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I'll give you the verbal version also. For the dist. and the "tee" on the thermostat housing, the hose from the dist. goes to the middle port, and a single advance dist. is correct. The top port of the "tee" goes to the base of the carb and the bottom port goes to the intake manifold. The "tee" is actually a temperature sensitive switch-set at 210 deg. if I remember correctly- that advances the distributor when the engine gets hot so it will speed up slightly and draw more air through the radiator at idle. For the vacumn canister, the small hose goes through the firewall and the large port/hose goes to the intake manifold. The vacumn canister is so your air diverters/doors don't move while you are accelerating,decelerating, etc. It keeps a steady vacumn in the system. Take a vacumn reading before you hook it up and then again after hooking it up. It may have been disconnected because of a leak in the system. The heater control valve hose should also go through the firewall. The intake manifold will also have vac. lines going to the brake booster and auto transmission, if applicable. I think that's about it. Hope this helps.
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