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Question Vacuum Issues & Diagram Needed

I have a 289 v2 w/ AC and I’m having trouble with the vacuum lines both at the front of the motor (distributor & thermostat housing/vacuum tree) & at the rear of the motor (vacuum reservoir & intake manifold). Currently there are 3 lines “capped” and my distributor is a single vacuum distrib. So you can see I'm in quite a bind.


- How should my distributor & vacuum tree hosing be properly installed? (Example: hose from dist should go to the top “nipple” of the vacuum tree, etc.) And is it worth going back to a 2 vacuum distributor?

-Where should my vacuum tree hoses lead? Carb and Air Cleaner?

-Being my distributor is missing a vacuum nipple (single vacuum) should I not worry about the missing vacuum line running to the back of the intake manifold vacuum valve?

-Where should my vacuum reservoir lead? One line runs to the heater control valve the other line was missing.

-Description of the intake manifold vacuum lines.

Detailed diagrams and/or pictures would be appreciated. The “why” would be great to chew on too. I just got my transmission in and now I’m working on the engine and want to ensure things are done right. . I’ve looked through numerous restoration guides, shop manuals, websites, etc….now I’m turning to the experts. Thanks in advance for any info you can give.
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