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[QUOTE=Talan423]Yesterday i was watching a beautiful white GT/CS on ebay that had a very low buy it now price of $6400. I e-mailed the seller because i was curious about the location of the car. i got a "Form" letter back saying the car was in Houston but the seller was in Croatia. There was also a big story about it being his dad's car etc.... with free shipping! The listing seemed a little odd to me because the bidder's I.D. was to be kept private, there was no location of the car and you had to contact the seller before bidding so he could approve you. I looked up this same listing today and it has been removed from ebay, but low and behold there is another one with just about the same oddities, except the car is bright green and the buy it now price is $5000. i have seen this car on ebay a few times in the past year. i noticed there are two bids on this car. has anyone from this site bid?
i see red flags going up on these! anybody else? be very careful!!

I did the same inquiry for a Boss 302 that was too good to be true... Same story only the guy was in England. Do you e-bayers ever get those phony e-mail messages asking you to 'update your records'? ...That's how they steal your account information...

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