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Re:Dashpad replacement

Speaking of dash pad replacement, I'm doing it now - and its a NIGHTMARE!

You have to start by dissassembling the ash recepticle, removing it, and way back in there there is a nut holding the backend of your console on. After removing that, the air conditioning controls need to be removed, and back there is another nut holding the pad on.

Basically then you just remove all the exterior screws, pull the console away from the pad until it wont come any further, remove the glove box until and take out the screws from up behind there, and follow along by removing the screws on the trim pieces.

Should pull off pretty easy after that - the actual instructions are:

1. Disconnect the battery ground, and remove the three retaining screws from the ash receptacle assembly, and disconnect the cigar lighter. (I found there is one screw in the top, remove that, then reach in the ash receptacle and push down on that metal piece in the back, to slide it out, there are nuts on either side - remove them)

2. Remove the four screws retaining the heater control assembly to the instrument panel, and position it out of the panel.

3. Thru the heater control opening, remove the nut retaining the lower left end of the pad to the instrument panel.

4. Remove the five retaining screws from the cluster. Thru the ash receptacle remove the nut and washer retaining the console cluster. Position the cluster outside of the instrument panel. (If the pad is warped, you'll need to lift up on the pad and pull the console at the same time)

5. Remove the three retaining screws from the glove box assembly. (Its easiest to lay down across the passenger seat and peak underneath, they are located right by the hinge)

6. Remove the retaining nut from the lower right end of the pad to the instrument panel.

7. Remove the retaining nuts from the lower, upper and center finish panels, and remove them.

8. Remove the seven screws retaining the pad to the mouldings, and remove the mouldings.

9. Remove four pad retaining screws from the forward edge of the pad.

10. Pull the instrument panel pad from the instrument panel.

Hope this helps!

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