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Engine Block Stampings

Brandon, (gang too!)

Here are the pics I promised. The 1st is a frontal shot of my 68, 289, coupe. You can faintly see the intake manifold casting number in front of the carb, behind the distributor. Next is a side view from the drivers side of the carb. You can see the intake casting in front of the carb and the firing order behind the carb. Finally, my last picture is where your engine stamp should be on a 289. Where the blue ends and the silver begins is the engine matching up to the transmission. You may notice the number on the right side of the picture, just before the blue touches the silver. This is the back of the intake manifold. The intake manifold sets between your valve covers. This shot is right behind the carb, from the front.

Now as has been discussed, maybe the 302 block is stamped in the same area. Iím not sure where the 6 cylinder is stamped, even Paul is not sure where the 390 stamping is, and I have only seen 1 428 CJ, and I didnít see well enough to find the engine stamping. Hope this helps and hopefully this hasnít been discussed to death. But as many of you know, mustangs were produced at a fast rate and most anything on the self could have found its way on them and not everything is the same on them. Especially the 68ís due to the strike at Ford!
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