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Mustang Monthly Web Poll & the GT/CS

I received my February Mustang Monthly yesterday and on page 13 are the current results of a poll they are doing titled "Which should be the next specialty Mustang from Team Mustang?" Current resutls are:

Mach 1 - 45%
Boss - 30%
Bullitt - 17%
California Special - 7%

I find the results interesting and disturbing. Interesting that the Bullitt is outpacing the GT/CS in the poll even though Ford didn't make a "Specialty Mustang Bullitt" until 2001, and never made one back in 1968 when the movie came out. And disturbing that GT/CSs don't rate higher among Mustang readers. It could be that the general population is just not well educated on the GT/CS...hopefully that's the case. Or it could be that the general Mustang population just doesn't hold them in very high regard. The poll is still open to participation at Let's see if we can get the numbers up for the GT/CSs.

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