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I had a little trouble tracking this one down.

S code does exist, and is Allen Park, MI. It is an R&D facility for FORD, and some pre-production cars are built there, and may be promoted, and then sold later through a dealer.

The real way to tell is to check the rest of the VIN for the date and for the serial number to see if this is early in the numbers (in fact, it would have to be one of the very first 68 mustang serial numbers).

I found most of my information on the Cougar site, where there have been found 3 pre-production S code (at least that was what was on the site). They referred to Marti several times, so if you think you have a lead on an early pre-production 68 then Kevin Marti could tell you.

Also mentioned were mis-stamps of S in place of F in some cases. Casey
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