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If you are running a high output alternator, you should use a heavy duty regulator, although a regular one will work for a while. A sealed battery is a good idea, but you really need to determine what is causing the overcharge or you'll damage the new battery also. The factory gauge is an ammeter and the factory Ford ones are not very accurate. They are wired in parallel with a section of wire in the main harness and "sample" the current flow rather than give a direct reading like the gauges that are wired in series (power flows through the gauge before going anywhere else). An ammeter shows the current load of the system whereas a voltmeter shows the voltage potential. For this problem, I think you need a voltmeter. Finally, check your battery cables to make sure they are in good condition and both ends are making good contact. If one or both of your cables have those clamp on ends, throw them away and get factory made cables because most people don't seal the ends and they corrode on the inside of the connector.
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