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We put in a new battery when doing our restoration. While putting the car back together and messing around with lights, etc., the battery needed to be recharged at least once. We bought the starter from Advance Auto Parts and the regulator from an aftermarket company (like Mustangs Unlimited).

Everything seemed to be working fine. One day I tried to start the car in my garage. It made a terrible racket and finally started but the starter would not disengage after the motor was running. It turned out that the after market starter solenoid was bad. We replaced it with a NAPA part, painted it and it works great.

Next, I drove the car from north Kansas City to south Kansas City for a car show. As soon as I got there and shut off the car, the car would not restart. Like the battery was completely dead. After getting a jump start, the car ran fine. Therefore, just figured the battery was bad. We replaced the battery and once again, everything was great. Then it happen again, exact same deal.

Someone on this site (or maybe another) told me to check the voltage regulator. We replaced it with a NAPA part - painted it the right color and everything has worked great.

Now, in looking back here is what I think I know. First, the batteries that we typically buy are high cold cranking amps (it is a thing we have since we grew up on a farm and our dad only used one battery to run 10 different things - and the battery never worked). We concluded that because of the high cold cranking amps at the battery and because the starter solenoid and voltage regulator was aftermarket and not made very well, this caused our batteries to zap all the juice.

Now, how this all relates to the problem mentioned above, I am not sure. I do think that when we assume our battery is bad (and leaking) it could be because our voltage regulator could be bad - causing our batteries to appear bad.

Just a thought.


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