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Thank you folks for your replys. I will answer your questions the best that I can.

I have been using distilled water and I fill the cells just above the plates, (ring).

It seems to boil one cell more then the others.

I have not checked the voltage while driving, other then the dash gauge, and that rides about the width of the needle off center towards positive.

It seems to only happen at higher speeds or at least that is when I notice it most.

Yes, I am running a higher output alternator. I did that because of the six tail/brake lights which were a big draw. I have since added the LED tail lights which made a big difference. I would have figured though, if the regulator was working properly, the higher output alternator shouldn't matter. Maybe I need to look at a third regulator.

And yes Rhonda, there is a Santa Claus, Oh, thats not right is it, yes Rhonda, I was always told the same thing, if your car was over charging you should turn on the headlights, heater or anything else that would draw down some voltage. Does this mean that there may not be a Santa Claus either? NAH!

Anyway, I think that I will pull the alternator and have it bench tested, try a new regulator and look for a sealed battery which fits nicely. Battery acid splashing around gives me the willys!!

Thank you,
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