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Originally Posted by somethingspecial
Food for thought, If your car has the holes in the grill molding, Than it had Lucas at some time. If your car was built prior to 4-26-68, and lacks the holes in the grill molding, than the previous owner probably threw the Marchal lights away (BUMMER), anyways, If the holes are missing, try to go with Marchal lights. in any case, if lucas is more your budget, they would be correct regardless of when your car was built.
Marchal foglights were attached to the grill by brackets. Most often the brackets were left on the grill (hence one way to detect an original grill) and holes were drilled for the Lucas lights in the grill molding panel below the grill. If your car still has the Marchal lights, then it is an early (pre-April 26th,1968) car that the owner did not take in for the recall. Eventually they all should have had Lucas lights.

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