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Battery boil over

Does anyone else have a problem with their battery boiling over?

Surely it can't be only ours, considering the number of patch panels I see being replaced and holes rusted ( eaten ) through under the battery tray.

I have replaced the altenator, two batteries, tried the old style voltage regulator twice and the electronic Ford replacement regulator twice. The electronic is presently on the car.

The problem is, it doesn't do it all the time, but it seems to happen more when I am doing highway driving.

It's a real nusance because I have to remove the battery every time and wash the tray, inner fender and the under side of hood when the fan blows the acid around.

I've taped paper towel around the top edge of the battery on occassion, as a tempoary fix, which stops the acid from running down the side of the battery and blowing around.

I wonder if a battery without vent caps would work?
Any suggestions?

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