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I'll add this albeit I could be wrong. I don't think the original request was to create a seperate section to keep the newbies out of the guru section like you see in various places, the perfect example is POR "Pirates of the Rubicon" Jeep forum. I took it that the request was to offer a place that invites new members to post up a little bit about themselves as an introduction.

We all know that there are constantly new people checking the sight and a good percentage of them never join and even some that do join never post. I took it that the intent was to offer them a place to get started along with a few stickies to help them learn how to create an avatar or post up a picture or two.

Personally I liked the idea and I don't see it turning into a place where those that skip this little introduction section get lambasted into oblivion for jumping right in with the Guru's. The test and help section is almost serving this purpose now, maybe it just needs creatively renamed.

Carry on, I'll quiet down now before I gain the guru status.


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