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Midnight Special, we are a family here. The more posts we write, the more we get to know each other and our cars. We do not always agree with one another but thats what its like to be part of a family. We treat Newbies with the utmost respect. We help them and guide them with their cars and anything else they may need advice on. All we expect in return is their respect. I know this site and my car like the back of my hand and that has`nt come from only writing 4 posts. I can`t tell you how many Newbies come here on a daily basis asking the same questions that have been asked here numerous times in the past. We gracefully answer their questions or tell them where to find the answers in the forum. We don`t all claim to be experts on these cars, but I can safely say there are some experts here. Many people who auction and/or sell these cars and Shelby`s often come to this site for information. I can`t think of a better place to go for free information like this. If you think you can find a better site, then be my guest and go for it. Being a GT/CS owner, I know you`ll be back! Oh yeah, welcome to the site Midnight Special. Rhonda

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