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Originally Posted by Midnight Special
Writing a ton of posts to gain a higher status is like clanging a gong to call attention to yourself, but it doesn't make you any more of an expert or enthusiast. This is indeed a fantastic site! Let's keep level.
I agree that writing a lot of posts does not make one a guru and I think using that term for talkative people may not be appropriate, especially for me.

The rest of the post from the above member I won't debate. It seems like he or she needed to get something out of his or her system and has had the opportunity to do so. No blood, no foul.

Well, maybe just one rebuttal....Blaming us for your loss of a sale is a little weak to say the least. This is an extremely detail-oriented board, just as I imagine the Shelby message boards or the GTO Judge message boards, or a number of other specialty car boards are. It may be possible the seller had other issues and used our "nitpicking" as an excuse to not sell the car. When we nitpick a car we are usually trying to figure out if it is real or a fake. A Marti report tends to stop us in our tracks.

Anyway, welcome to the board and welcome to the family.

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