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...I just joined as an owner of 3 GT/CSs (AND 2 MACH Is) for a source of fellowship and information, but I don't really care for the newbie vs senior stuff as I'v seen some seniors here post some pretty self-absorbed comments, especially pertaining to judging some of the cars and owners that show up for sale here & there... I recently had a potential seller refuse to discuss his car w/ me when I referred to some of the unwarranted feedback he received on this site. His car was beautiful, but was nitpicked by a know it all on this site who soured him and others for all of us! Our cars are nearly 40 years old! Congrats to all of you who have kept them in concourse condition, but some of you do little good with your self proclaimed expertise over every other car out there but yours! Some of you...

Writing a ton of posts to gain a higher status is like clanging a gong to call attention to yourself, but it doesn't make you any more of an expert or enthusiast. This is indeed a fantastic site! Let's keep level.
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