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I need your help; for my GT/CS Registry Book

I have just reorganized the pages of both the 1988 and 1996 editions of GT/CS Registry (Recognition Guide and Owner's Manual). This involved photocopying all those pages, and then cut and paste (in the real sense) on new mockup pages. The page count for the new book is now 150 pages, including either expanded areas, or new material to create this large page count. Between lots of information, and all-new scans of the photos (including some possibly in color), this ought to be quite an awesome book!!

I don't want to reveal too much, but I will need some assistance. There are some odds and ends that I need help with. I will also be going over the 50 or so pages of this forum to look for anything worthy of using in the book. If you provided something that I use, I will give you credit in the aknowledgements (I will e-mail you for your real name, etc.). If you know of where these things are, just post it here, or e-mail me through this forum.

Some items or information may have been previously listed in this forum (such as the Marchal photos), and I'll need the specific URL. Thanks for all your help!

1. Does anyone know the exact date that Shelby American left LAX, and went to Michigan, and formed Shelby Automotive?
What issue of the Shelby American (SAAC) has those photos of the front of the A.O. Smith office? Anyone know where I could find an aerial view of A.O. Smith in Ionia, Mich.? Any aerial view photos of the San Jose assembly plant?

2. I need some photos of a concours-quality 1968 coupe next to a GT/CS. Side by side, shot from the front, side, rear, and a 3/4 view. These are comparison photos. Everything must be stock. Use a flash as a fill, too. Color prints, or digital (300dpi, 4x5, color) will work.

3. I need a very good close up photo of a Lucas light pedistal rubber grommet (with a ruler next to it for scale).

4. I need scans of the large color HCS brochure (or very good close up photos) that says: "The West Made it Happen". I need both sides.

5. I need a photo of a concours-looking 6 cylinder engine photo (in the car). Stock, with air cleaner, etc.

6. Anyone have a few good photo of a 428CJ in a GT/CS (or HCS?) Bob?? (also use a fill in flash).

7. I need to know who has a totally optioned-out GT/CS. Including the courtesy lights on the dash, deluxe interior, etc., etc. I need photos for descriptions of factory and dealer options.

8. Does anyone have photos of a "repro" GT/CS? I need not only the photos, but permission from the owner to use them for the book, describing "fakes".

9. Anyone have a sunroof in their GT/CS or HCS? I need photos.

10. Who races their GT/CS on a track? A vintage racer--I need photos!

11. I need photos of an assembled GT/CS model kit (1/24th) by mini-exotics (and the die-cast when it comes out).

12. I have someone that I'll use for this, but photos of a ground-up restoration are welcome. I need close-ups of the holes drilled or cut for the CS parts, on a primered shell.

13. Photos of the "wrong' Marchal light.

14. I need to confirm the dimentions of the foam tape on the decklid ends. Could anyone who has a good (non-shrunk) seal measure it?

15. Question-- are the stainless steel screws on the rear window trim the same, as those on the front of the side scoops (2).?? Do they have the same angle of bevel at the top?

16. I need photos of anyone who has '67-'68 type ten-spokes on their GT/CS (nice side view photo. Anyone have the Shelby five-spokes on their GT/CS? (the same as the '69 Shelby?).

That's about it.
Thanks for all your help!!
Paul M. Newitt.
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