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Originally Posted by Mustanglvr
I still want to know how much Ford and/or Mustang is in a Shelby?
Here's my $0.02 on this. There is probably 90%+ of a Ford Mustang in a Shelby Mustang but about 10% of a Shelby Mustang in a Ford Mustang GT/CS (based on the inspiration). The way to describe the dicotomy is with an analogy. In college a friend of mine had a poster of Picasso's "Femme". Its very attractive. Its made of only four curves. When I first saw it I said to my friend "I could have painted that". His reply "But you didnt"....

The mods that Shelby did to the Fastback to make it a Shelby are something that anyone could do fairly cheaply and - considering the quality of todays parts - probably make something with even better performance. But what makes a Shelby a Shelby is that Carroll took a Ford Mustang. Made mods. And *won* races. Anyone could have done this but it was Shelby that did it. If you find one of the original cars that was a winner you can bet its much more expensive that a "standard" Shelby - its like an original painting. A Shelby coming out of Shelby automotive is equivalent to a limited edition print. And a GTCS is equivalent to a painting by another painter that was inspired by the original...

Having said all that I personally like the GTCS better than a Shelby, it is rarer than a Shelby (based on # built), and personally I like that they are relatively inexpensive - it makes it so much easier to drive

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