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I like the looks of the pads, especially the knee pad. The pillar post pads may or may not end up in the car, haven't decided yet. They can tend to look a little clunky in some cars so I'll probably temporarily glue them on and see if my wife likes them before I drill holes in the A-pillars.

Since the car will be a driver and I have no intention of showing it in MCA meets I'm not worried about what is or is not correct. For example I'm also going to use black backed driving lights instead of chrome back fog lights. They are a whole lot cheaper to replace and throw out better light. I'm keeping a near-perfect set of fog lights for resale purposes, though. The rocker panels may also come off one of these days. I think the car looks better without them.

The lower console is another iffy subject. My car has the lower console but personally I have never liked the looks of the '68 console, especially when compared to the '67 unit. All that rubber stuff looks a little cheap and goofy to me so I may buy a '67 console and cover the aluminum trim with wood grain. Or maybe just a humphugger. I'm also putting in the wood grain steering wheel center, dash panels, and, eventually, the deluxe door panels, speaker/light grilles, and rear quarter trim arm rests and upholstery. Non of that is original to the car. Some day I'll also put in power seats if I can find some that look fairly close to the original Mustang seats. Something like '80 Eldorado seats maybe.

Some people find joy in taking a car back to exactly as it came out of the factory with every little nut, bolt, and tag but I have much more fun mildly upgrading things and changing things to what I like, and what my wife likes. They more she enjoys the car the happier my life will be!!!

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