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I show the regular J-code Mustangs with 10.0:1 compression and the Shelbys with 10.5:1. Not sure what the difference between the two would be unless it's the intake like you mentioned. And I have a 1968 J-code GT convertible with factory dual-exhaust. Same exhaust set-up as the Shelbys except for the tailpipes (resonator pipes, transverse muffler), so I don't think the HP difference is the exhaust. It's all original exhaust and never been off the car. I sold the 1968.5 CJ to free up money to buy YOUR highland green CS...when should I come and get it? Just kidding, actually sold several Mustangs to free up some money for my "final, never be able to afford another" 1968 Shelby GT500KR cvt. Have 3-of them now so I'm quitting....I'm broke.

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