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Interior Costs

Here is a list of what I've spent so far to replace the interior of my GT/CS. I hope some of you find it helpful. If you see any prices that seem way out of line please share your thoughts with the rest of us so others don't follow my lead and make the same mistake.

Ebay Upper Console $201
MU Dash Pad $170
MU Seat Covers & Backs $160
MU Seat Foam Front $120
Ebay Door Speaker Grilles & Lenses $97
John's Instrument Bezel $80
Ebay Lower Console Pad $75
John's Passenger Floor Pans $70
Ebay Steering Wheel Woodgrain $66
Ebay Shifter Selector Plate $65
Ebay Console Shifter Plate $65
Plus Console Bracket $65
Ebay Seat Belts $60
Ebay Interior 1/4 Panels $55
John's Upper Dash Panel $55
MU Dark Aqua Paint & Dye $50
Ebay Deluxe Arm Rest $46
John's Firewall Insulation $45
Ebay Radio Bezel $43
MU Foglight Switch $43
John's Carpet Underlayment $40
Plus Gauge Lenses $37
Plus Sun Visors $35
Ebay Door Light $34
John's Shifter Bezel $34
Ebay Door Light $33
MU Lower Dash Pad $33
John's Steering Wheel Pad Base $33
Ebay Pillar Post Pads $32
MU Sunvisor Brackets $32
Ebay Door Panels - Parchment $30
John's Light Aqua Paint $30
MU Light Aqua Vinyl Dye $30
John's Steering Wheel Buttons $28
John's Headliner $27
John's Sound Deadener Pads $25
MU Console Trim $22
MU Dash Kit (Stick on) $21
John's Rear Window Seal $20
John's Windshield Seal $20
MU Light Aqua Dye $20
MU Light Aqua Paint $20
Plus Medium Aqua Paint $20
MU Console Woodgrain $20
John's Steering Wheel Center Emblem $18
MU Headliner Insulation $16
John's Dash Emblem Base $15
MU Kick Panel Insulation $15
MU Front Speaker $14
MU Welting at Headliner $13
MU Windlace $13
Ebay Dash Emblem $12
John's Watershield Kit $11
John's Package Tray $10
John's Package Tray Insulator $10
MU Interior Screws $10
Ebay Dash Hoses $8
John's Door and Seat Back Clips $8
MU Seat Installation Kit $7
John's Fuel Tank Filler Hose $6
John's Door Lock Gommets $5
John's Door Lock Knob Gommets $5
John's Glove Box Door Bumpers $5
Total $2,508

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