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Originally Posted by Mustanglvr
I still want to know how much Ford and/or Mustang is in a Shelby?
That could be a tough one to answer. From my perspective I see the Mustang as the platform that Shelby used to promote his car's. On the other hand, Ford brought Shelby on board to help raise the image of the Mustang and help with their racing side of it. In my opinion they both (Ford/Shelby) helped eachother to accomplish both their goals. In either prespective it raised the Mustang to a level that has lasted to what you see today. I for one am happy with that.

I don't mean to sound trite or condesending but, as far as how much Ford or Mustang is in a Shelby doesn't matter to me. I see my GT/CS as just that. A GT/CS with Shelby influance. To me it's still a Mustang and that's what I love about it.


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