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Being a Shelby owner and a GT/CS owner, I want to say a few words on this topic. First of all, the GT/CS is NOT a Shelby and never will be. It is a Mustang coupe with a pretty "outfit". The GT/CS heritage is rooted in San Jose and was built to stimulate the sales of the 1968 Mustang.......nothing more, nothing less.

A Shelby has its heritage in racing. It was not built to stimulate the sales of any stands on its own as one of the first American "factory hot rods" and a car that kicked Covettes butt in SCCA road racing. Carroll Shelby built the first GT 350's to homogulate his race cars and Ford suggested he change the car a bit for 1966 so the general public could stand to drive the car for more that one hour at a time. By 1968, the Shelbys were built in Meutchen, became "softer" vehicles, and some of the cosmetic things we have on our GT/CS Mustangs were patterned after these Shelbys.

All of this being said, each car is beautiful in its own right, but trying to compare the two cars is like comparing apples to tomatos. I think we need to just love what we have and enjoy our cars. If we are going to continue the "value" discussion, we need to talk up our cars and promote their positive attributes ....whether they be a GT/CS or a Shelby.

Just my thoughts

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