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The short answer is that the GT/CS was designed for FORD by Shelby Automotive as a marketing tool for the Mustang, that suffered a strike, and new competition. It was marketed as: "Looks like a Shelby GT", so engine size was not a critical factor.

The '68 Shelby has a roll bar, shoulder harness reels, deluxe interiors, more fiberglass on the front, etc., etc.

The FORD letters didn't appear on the '68 Mustang, unlike the '67. The GT/CS lacked the horse and bars, and the horse and corral in the grille, because it was supposed to have that spartan look, with the "Shelby-looking" stripes instead.

If anyone asks, the GT/CS was designed right next to the '68 and '69 Shelbys (and Cougars and T-Birds with sunroofs) at Shelby Automotive in Ionia, Mighigan. That is where the GT/CS makes the Shelby heritage connection.

So, where is this website that says "it's not a Shelby"?

Paul N.
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