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California Special verses the Shelby

I would really like to get some imput on the subject of the Shelby influence regarding the California Special. I know we`ve discussed this at length but I feel something needs to be clarified. I read the other day on a site that the California Special is in no way a Shelby. So how much of a Shelby is Mustang and/or Ford? Are Shelbys Mustangs or Cobras? Why does`nt the California Special have the Ford logo anywhere on it, except on the individual parts where it says FOMOCO? Don`t the Shelby`s have the same parts?I don`t want my car to be a Shelby, but I would like it to be worth as much as one. I guess, since people don`t know much about them ,is why they are not recognized as being as rare and expensive? That does`nt make any sense. Maybe the California Special was Ford`s rendition of the Shelby and should be recognized as such. I would like to know how much Shelby influence there is in an actual Shelby compared to the California Special. Any comments?

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