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I know, Casey, it makes no sense.

Those who treat concours rules and authenticity seriously, tend to read the spec sheets and other materials as they are--not as things really were at the plants.

The "official" FORD antenna for all cars then probably was the square antenna, but for some reason, a supplier might have offered the older ('67) round one to the SJ plant for a dollar cheaper. Maybe the cars built after the strike used the round ones, to save time for the workers. I don't know, but it sure looks like the round one was the antenna of choice--despite what some engineer in Dearborn put on paper back in late 1967.

Some could argue that the pics were of pre-production '68 Mustangs with '67 antennas, so, "it's wrong". Well, the ad pics for the GT/CS were shot around mid Feb '68.

It's not so much this one antenna thing, but rather an "attitude" where rules are not ammended or changed as they should. "Good 'nuff" won't do here.

If some MCA judge is here (lurking?), what about some explaination? I'd sure like to know....or get Bob Perkins to explain what is going on. It's not like I, or "we" want any preference for our cars, but to just get to the truth about these things, instead of relying on the whims of those who set and write these rules.

Paul N.
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