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I just read the December Resto Roundup and Bob Perkins IS saying the round base antenna is factory correct and the square base is incorrect. He also states: " Your question has been asked often over the years and is still a topic of discussion at MCA rules meetings." Also remember many dealerships added options at the dealership, ie. radios and a/c. Some dealers used genuine ford parts, others elected to use something else. What the MCA has said in the past is if you have documentation they will accept it, unfortuniately most people do not have the documentation.

I agree that each factory had minor differences, when I restored my car I kept some things as I found them and others I changed for the sake of arguement. The MCA rule book used in conjunction with the factory assemebly manuals, and the many pictures I took of my car guided my restoration.

As you know I just finished my car and have shown it in 2 MCA shows (local) I received copies of the judging sheets and will change some thing I lost points on and I am not changing others b/c I know I am right. I am currently a MCA Certified judge for 67-68, does that mean I know everything, NO.
I took who judged my car into consideration when looking at my judging sheets.
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