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MCA Judging, and your round antenna...

On page 86 of the December '05 issue of Mustang Monthly, Jason Rexler of Tampa Florida wrote in about the round antenna on his '68 390 Fastback. He states that MCA claims that his round base antenna is "wrong", despite the C8ZZ Ford part number. Bob Perkins claims that the C8ZZ-18813-B part number is a service replacement for '67 Mustangs only, and that all (MCA judged) 1968 Mustangs should have the square based antenna.

This is appalling.

I usually give leeway to these things, but not on THIS one! In my 1988 GT/CS Recognition Guide book, on page 56, I talk about the GT/CS Survey results where 85% responded that they had an original ROUND antenna on their GT/CS. This was back in 1986-87. The remaining 15% that had square based antennas responded that they had to replace the antenna, and ended up with a square based version.

IN MY opinion, I feel that MCA bases their judging on cars primarily from the Dearborn and Metuchen(NJ) plants, where they probably did use square based antennas. This has been a point of contention for a very long time. It's without a doubt that the San Jose-produced Mustangs in the '68 production period used the round based antennas. Each plant had their own "differences", and this was one of them. MCA needs to accept and document those plant and production differences, when writing their rules.

Perhaps, based on my research, MCA should reconsider this. This is just not a GT/CS things but for ALL Mustangs and Cougars built in San Jose at that time. Besides, look at the GT/CS in the has a round antenna.

This has to change. I don't want anyone changing their antenna to a square based one, just to avoid "losing points" at a show. I stand by my 20 years of research.

Paul N.
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