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Re:Restomod GT/CS for You?

I'm also in the "mild restomod" club. My take is to "make it look '68 but drive '98". So, I dont change the looks of the car (why fool with perfection) but I have added performance (5-spd, upgraded suspension) and safety features (front disc brakes, headrests). I also have kept all the old parts so that I can undo most of the changes if needed. If you do drive your car even any reasonable amount I would strongly recommend changes at least for safety. When I was changing from drum brakes :P to front disc I mentioned to the mechanic that I was having second thoughts - "I know I have front drums so I'll drive with that in mind and give a lot of space to the car in front". His response was "Yes, but others dont know this and these days are more likely to cut in front of you with the expectation that your car can stop like a modern car. Most people dont have a concept of what its like to drive with drums brakes and expect you to have about the same stopping distance as they do". If you make one change to your car I would suggest front disc brakes for safety...
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