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Restomod GT/CS for You?

As I read the December 2005 issue of "Mustangs & Fords", I've noticed that they are heavily into this "restomod" thing. I think that it's driven from a writing/editorial standpoint, since they've apparently run out of restoration material to work from. How many times can you show how to fix a cowl, or re-do your seats? I find that this restomod thing is going too far, and Mustangs are losing their heritage as we know it, from some of the mods I've seen in this mag.

My question is how you all feel about this idea of "restomod" ? Is it a good idea for YOUR GT/CS, or will it always be beyond the realm of concours type ownership?

Since the GT/CS is, for the most part, a factory "Shelbyized" Mustang, do you feel that it's a candidate for more modifications?

Would you only do engine and suspension mods that you can't really see? What about rack 7 pinion, and custom wheels? Do you feel that a GT/CS (or HCS) is a good car to begin with to modify--more than a stock Mustang?

I understand about rarity, and preserving originality. But what kind of ideas are "rumbling" in your head about possible modifications? Would you do them?

For example, for my 390 4-sp., I'm planning to use the Edelbrock FE heads, and a '68 Shelby Sidewinder intake; use the "CS-Shelby" FE valve covers, and oval air cleaner. I want to add a Hurst shifter, too, and weld the stock shifter to the Hurst linkage. I want to add Shelby 5-spoke wheels with the "CS" centercaps, and that's about it. I'm considering a Global West front suspension, and maybe a Green Hornet type rear (bolt in) rear suspension. This is my car--so I'm not too concerned about total originality--although all the parts I'm using can be unbolted in a week or so, and I still have all the original parts.

Your thoughts?

Thanks-- Paul.
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