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Re:black or white stripes?

This, I know is confusing. But here is what I offer:

1. For the most part, the stripe color matches the interior color.

2. The exception to #1 can be the use of a parchment or black vinyl top.

3. Some colors of cars can use black or white stripes for no rhyme or reason. They weren't as "accurate" as you might think when making those type of decisions. This is not an exact science.

4. I need to look at what choices they went with for the 1968 "C" stripe (and the little known GT rocker panel stripe).

5. I need to fix my chart from the 1988 book. I also will look at the hundreds of photos of cars (in color) in the registry to help re-make that chart, 'tho I'll bear in mind that some cars have had the stripe colors changed over the years...

6. A judge would only know what was right, from my book (based on my research, and from this site). What other source might he/she have?

Paul N.

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