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Re:What Dealership Sold Your Car

Both dealers are still around (just do a Yahoo search on the dealer name and city). I would bet that if you called their parts department, they'll be able to send you dealer frames.

I'm still waiting on my Marti report. I ordered the Mac Daddy. I wish it didn't take 6 months to get to me.
Anyway, when I get the report, I'll get the info on the dealer where the car originally sold.
My GT/CS was originally sold in Washington state. So, I hope to get a dealer license plate frame also.
I already found a vintage Washington plate with a 1969 sticker on it.
Does anyone remember if they issued stickers for the very first year of vehicle back then? Wondering if I should be looking for a plate with 1968 tag.
I know that now and as far back as I can remember (in California) you get tags for the month you bought your new car (left side) and another tag with the following year (right side).

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