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Re:Mustang Club of Houston car show today and..........

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I won my class with the 390 CS (#7 on the calendar voting list). My class was the biggest division so I am pretty happy. I have just had the transmission rebuilt, new manifolds, new radiator (had a modern middle section welded onto my original tanks) and a few other detailing items finished up recently (makes all this stuff worthwhile and a little rewarding for all the time I spend on the car).

There was a original owner bought in Houston 69 Shelby GT500 in Royal marron with a white vinyl top (like my 289 CS). He has put 178k miles on it and had it repainted about 4 years ago. Very nice looking driveable Shelby.

No other CS's at the show which is no suprise. We did get rained on for about 15 minutes. It stopped, dried up and all was good.

Glad you're putting your 390 CS to good use ;). Just keep entering those contests, and my guess is you'll keep winning ;D. Congrats :)!!!

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