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FS: 289 engine and C4 transmission

I have a 289 engine and C4 trans for sale. I am pretty sure the engine is a 65. I will post the codes for the engine and trans in a few days. Pictures will be available then as well.

The block has been hot tanked, bored .30 over, and has the cam bearings and freeze plugs installed.

The heads (complete), crank, rods, pistons, and main caps have not been cleaned or machined.

This engine does not have the rocker covers, intake or exhaust manifolds, or accessory drive assembly. I'm pretty sure it has the timing chain cover.

Available is a weiand dual plane aluminum intake manifold, I cleaned it up in the blasting cabinet and then one of the thermostat housing bolts broke off. I drilled a hole in the remaining stub for a bolt extractor and then the bolt extractor broke off in the hole. Needless to say it needs some drilling and tapping before it can be used, I've had my fun with it....

The trans is a C4 auto. I do not know what car it came out of, or whether it works. Let's just say it will need rebuilding. It is complete and has not been apart.


Engine: (with the aforementioned devil intake) $ 250.00

Transmission: $200.00

>local pick-up is preferred, I live in Troy, MI
>I will - deliver or meet within a reasonable distance
>I will - entertain offers
>I will - separate the parts
>I will - ship, provided the shipping cost comes out of your wallet, and you don't beat me up too bad on the price. I will have to crate up the parts up after all!

>You will - purchase these parts and help make room for the finishing of my GT/CS.

Thank you.
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