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Bad Luck or just a sad state of affairs

Could this be bad luck or what? You tell me. First off it all started last week 18 Aug 05 (Thursday Night). On my way home from work in a rather bad rain storm I come around a curve to be greeted by 4 deer standing in the middle of the road. Trying to avoid the deer I manage to loose control of my Toyota, veer off the road into a front yard and am promptly greeted by a rather large tree. Toyota totaled. :'( Me, a few bruises, bumps and a stiff neck. A week later 25 Aug 05 (Thursday evening) on my way home from a show, the power steering pump starts leaking fluid. 26 Aug 05 (Friday evening) replace power steering pump, check everything to ensure all nuts and bolts are tight. Car runs fine. 27 Aug 05 (Saturday morning), I go out start car and pull out of the garage for a show. Go back into the house to lock everything up come back out and now I've got anti-freeze all over the driveway. Water pump is leaking all over the place. Spend saturday replacing water pump. Today, Sunday 28 Aug 05, I'm on my way to a show and manage to get about 4 miles down the road when the flex fan on the car comes apart and goes through the radiator. At first I thought maybe I didn't tighten the bolts good. Check car once it is off the wrecker and bolts are tight. 2 rivits broke off one of the blades and blade cut into the radiator. Car is now sitting in the garage waiting on a new fan and radiator. The MCA Grand Nationals is a week away and I'm now sitting here wondering what will happen next. They say things happen in groups of three well, I've had my three.

Don ::)
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