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2006 Calendar - Get your photos in! - Deadline Sept 26

Thanks to all of you last years calendar was a great success. The quality of cars submitted was amazing! So let's do it again, but this year I'm starting a little earlier. :)

OK, this is the official call for entries for the 2006 Calendar. Please start gathering your best photos and submit them no later than Monday Sept 26, 2005.

Then we'll all vote and the top 12 will be used. If you were in the calendar last year you're welcome to submit again, but not the same photo. Also, submit a couple shots if you aren't sure which is best, but I'll only be able to use one for the final voting.

If your photos are digital email me at (has more space than my normal email) If you have prints you need me to scan then mail them to me at:

Jon Hanna
P.O. Box 16775
Phoenix, AZ 85011-6775

OK, here's the catch.. Photos have to be a minimum size to be able to print cleanly on a full size calendar. If it's a digital image it needs to be 1800x1200 pixels minimum (obviously bigger is better). Basically a 2.0 Megapixel or better digital camera will work. Any lower resolution and they just won't print well. Even the largest photos in the Gallery are too small. Sorry! And please don't take a smaller pic and change the resolution to bump it up to 1800x1200. It doesn't work that way unfortunately. The original needs to be at that resolution.

For those that missed it last year, here's a shot of how it turned out:

Thanks in advance for all the great photos I expect to get! :)
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