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Re:WTB 68 390 Air Breather

you should contact this Ebay seller directly as he lists the base and lid all the time and is who I bought mine from (you will also need one of the items in this auction)

you will need one of these. this person has a few of these as they keep listing them

here is a list of what you need to be complete:

chrome lid (smooth all the way around like the 68 289 lids)
base with snorkel and air cleaner valve
tube that connects the oil cap to the base
oil cap breather valve
lid edge seal
air filter
S tube
heat shield
bolts to connect heat shield to manifold (AMK sells them)
390 sticker (red and black colors only) (NPD part # D-23)
autolite air filter sticker (NPD part # 9d600-24)
"front" sticker (NPD part # D-104)
autolite replacement spark plug sticker (NPD part # D-17)

for the record this is NOT the correct base and lid (this is a 67)

hope this helps ;D
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