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Shelby Club (SAAC), and the GT/CS Registry,

I know we've talked about this before, but I wanted to run this by all of you again for opinions.

My experience has been that SAAC (Shelby American Automobile Club) has been VERY supportive of the GT/CS (and '68 HCS). I think that "overall" the Shelby people have been more responsive to the GT/CS than the Mustang Clubs. I don't mean to offend any Mustang Club members, but it's just how the response has been for many years.

I know that Shelby owners "may" have an akward reception at a Mustang Club Show (although not always--as some clubs are both into the Mustangs and Shelbys). GT/CS owners sometimes have had the same response at shows.

In any case, I wanted to know where you stood on approaching SAAC to:

include the VINs of known GT/CS cars (authenticated with orig. invoice, or Marti Report) in their new SAAC Registry book

approach them to include a GT/CS (HCS) class at Shelby Club conventions and regional SAAC car shows.

The GT/CS Registry would like to identify and get approval of (vintage and/or repro) Shelby items to be added to the GT/CS for car show judging. These are items that could have been available during late '68 (wheels, intakes, tri-ys, etc.). This would be optional only to the owner to do.

This may also encourage more GT/CS Owners to join SAAC (which is a very, very good idea, anyway!). I would like to donate $5 from every new GT/CS Registry book to the Carroll Shelby Children's Fund, too.

Paul N.

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