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Re:Car Show Pics

I have to admit I was one of those Mustang people (I refrain from using expert) that didn't know that much about the California Special until I considered purchasing one.

It could be that being on the East Coast I didn't have as much exposure to them. I had "heard" of a California Special but didn't pay much attention. I've even went back now and looked at a few Mustang books and price guides I've owned for a few years and now see the Cal Spec in there. I obviously read it before but it didn't stay in the front of my memory.

I get a lot of people at shows amazed, suprised, saying "so this is a really rare car?", etc ...

On the other hand there are people that are aware.

The other night I got to meet one of my neighbors for the first time (we're in a new development). He had mentioned he saw my car an "Old Mustang" (not my 96 ;) )
I recall seeing one at his house a black 66 coupe I thought. He said it was his father-in-law's and he was storing it there for awhile.

Tonight I come home and there are people standing in my driveway. It was my neighbor and his father-in-law.
They had come over to knock on the door. When my neighbor told him I had a California Special he came right over and asked if he could see it. I was more than happy to show him the car. He knew a lot about them.
He said he had a Boss (I forget the year) that someone wanted to trade him a California Special for a few years ago. He wanted to do it but was hesistant because the vin plate was missing from the dash.

So, long story short, there are many people that don't know much about them and only a few that really truly know the story behind them. I was one of those people until a few months ago. But now thanks to the info in your books and this site I know more than I ever thought I would. And I thought I knew a lot about Mustangs. I'm spreading the word here in the NY area as is everyone else here in their "hometowns". OK enough rambling ... maybe it's regional ... I can't speak for reaction on the West Coast but here in the East there are definitley less people that know about them.
I can tell right away at a cruise when someone knows about them and doesn't.

Do people see differences in other parts of the country?

I don't know that I answered your question or even trying to but just some of my observations after 2 months of ownership.
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