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Re:GT-390 Engine Block Numbers?


Thank you for your help--and I will check out those sites. I have looked at a lot of 390/FE books and several charts for block numbers leaves me confused. In fact, I wonder if the same block #s were used for the 390 GT as for the X-Code; not that it should be different, although Dearborn could have had two different lines for these engines, and the supplies were different, too.

I remember sending the X-Code Registry many years ago my list of GT/CS VINs, and it doubled their registry in one day!

THis 390 block code thing is a mystery to me that I'd like to track down,. and so far, it's been enlightening here. Thanks to everyone who's helped.

As for my mysterious whereabouts? Sometimes, I'd wished I WAS on the Moon! I honestly felt "a little burned out" from doing the second (1996) book (a total brain-drain!), and had to get away to do some other interests for a while. I do design and scale model work, and am presently writing a book on Model Railroading Animations. I did an exhibition on Theme Parks, too, so I'm real busy doing all kinds of things!

I still love my GT/CS, (430,000 miles!) and I have to say how much I truly appreciate the support and respect and admiratiion that I've recieved all these years from owners and enthusiasts. It's been overwhelming! I might not always be 100% correct, but I am glad to provide some information and help (and directions) to those who also love their GT/CS (HCS) cars.


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