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Re:GT-390 Engine Block Numbers?

Paul from what understand there is no particular correlation except date codes. 390's should be within 3 months prior, small blocks are typically within the month (San jose)due to high production. There are some truely knowlegeable people at the below sites,if you search around awhile you will find great answers. The first site is a chart. As you may notice on this chart C6ME appears in all years/sizes(as others). Usually you measure bore to truly identify the blocks, Cobra jets typically have a "C" welded on the back, 428ci T-birds an "S". Aside from this, webbing is the huge determiner, although FE's you never know what you will find. 390 blocks are nothing special, standard 390, truly the CJ cam made it a "GT". Not to knock this site, but most folks here are reliant on your book or excerps from it. Quick question, in your book where did you reference the C6AE-L and C6AE-U part #'s for X-code GT heads? I'm not so sure this is only ones used, As an X-code is no different from a GT except intake. And as you mention "non- smog" heads. I have found these are typically C8AE-H. Last question, you recently reappered to this site, and had popped in once before. Prior to that no sign, where you in jail or on the moon.

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