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I do have most (maybe all) of the posters and ads that were produced at the time the car was originally sold. Just have not had the time to put them into some type of display. Probably should do that soon, it would save me alot of questions, but then again, I dont mind talking to those interested in the car. Lots of people remember when they firtst came out back in 68, but have not seen one again in a long time. I find it interesting, seeing as how the car is older than I am.

The engine is a 302 with an original Cobra dress up kit, (I kept all the original stuff), along with Cobra/Hi-Po intake and exaust manifolds. I did not want to stray to for from original, but I felt if it was a dealer option, why not. The car is also on page 10 of the gallery. Thanks guys.

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