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White GT/CS relisted

This car was sold for $19,000 on July 21st but is relisted again. I've been looking for a good GT/CS . Looking at the photos, I'm not an expert but is it worth the money. Noticed an idler pulley off the a/c compressor has no belt, I'm guessing that runs the a/c and must not be operational.. Seller indicates that the seat covers and headliner will be replaced, the covers look good in these pics. Must be something you can't see in the photos, what goes wrong with the seats even though they appear to be good? Is this what the seat covers would look like if original. The only thing I remember about not buying a white car in the 60's is that they show rust very well. I had a white 61 chevy bel air that became a bondo special in 68' ...
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