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lost in the cyber zone

I am quite sure my problem getting registered is pilot error however it seems impossible to correct since I used my e-mail address when I first tried to register it will not let me use it again since it already belongs to a registered user....that's me!!! I first registered our first GT/CS C code car and used the user name Worty. I was never able to get in again. I decided to change our user name to Jerri (my wifes name) it will not let us register with our e-mail address.We enjoy the site very much we have registered the J code car we are currently selling, the C code car which we sold through this sight, and we were the winning bid on the S code Ebay car mentioned on this site.We are not in the selling cars game just tested the water with these unique cars and decided we wanted the rarest one possible. I personally am more into the Shelby sites and enjoy my 66 GT350. My wife loves her GT/CS and we appreciate this site as well as the people that contribute to it. Please help!!!
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