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Have you driven your CS or Cobra Jet today?

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Re:Mustang Rear Seat

[quote author=68gt390 link=board=3;threadid=1906;start=0#msg12660 date=1121825588]
[quote author=jbsteven link=board=3;threadid=1906;start=0#msg12659 date=1121822962]
ok, gotcha yes that is me. I bid something like $8000 for it. At that price I could flip it and make a few bucks which was the idea of the low ball bid.

It is a J Code car with a 390 in it.

Second thought if I give you my SSN can I become your second son - You have more money then you know what to do with it. I can help you spend it. Man, that's a lot of beer. ;D

Don 8)

Yes, I am a board member of the more money than brains club, at least that's what I have been told (many times). ;)

I put a $8100 bid in and it did not meet reserve as I think his ad states he is looking for a $15k quick cash sale (he is from Canada which translates to $12k US dollars).
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