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GT-390 Engine Block Numbers?

I'm wondering if anyone out there with an original 390GT block out there could give me the casting numbers off it? I'm restoring mine, and I need to know what is the consensus of the other 390 blocks out there.

It's kinda difficult to get at, but it's under the passenger side exhaust manifold, just ahead of the starter, on that "slant" side of the block. They are about 3/4" tall (?), and raised off the block surface.

It could have:

...or something else?? C6AE-A?

The "ME" means Merc block, and "AE" means big Ford (i.e. Galaxie) block. I know that Cougars were in the same production line at San Jose, so that could explain the "ME".

I would appreciate anyone willing to get under their car and get a good look (or the next time it's up on a lift at a mechanic). Also, let me know if it's a C-6, or 4-speed (not that it would make any difference with block #s)

Paul Newitt
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