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Re:GT/CS Vinyl Top Option


Good question. Everything I've heard all these years is that dealers did the tops the same way as the factory. I've never seen an original car with seams on the pillars...Later, vinyl top companies cut corners and added the windshield seams--to save material. Is there some vinyl top expert out there who worked at a Ford dealer in the late sixties--that would know about this?(or a manual from Ford for mechanics in how to do it?)

I also have a car in the registry (former girlfriend) that had one of those dealer "spray-on" tops. It's a special paint, kind of like valve cover crackle. Her car also had the vinyl top chrome trim, and those ultra-rare "landau irons" ("S" shaped) on the sides of the hardtop. Kinda weird--but it was a dealer option (in San Diego).

Be sure to e-mail me with your registry info--or include it here on this site's registry listings; which I'll be using in the next update..

thanks, Paul.
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