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Re:Underhood Restoration

Steve is right. Take as many photo's as you can. However, our car was so bad that we still did not have a clue where everything went. We did three things:

1. We had a pretty bad donor car but it provided us with at least some leads.

2. There are several books for restoration. I have one at home that is borrowed from a buddy that shows motor compartments, stickers, etc. We came across this after we finished ours. Also, don't forget about Paul's book. It is the best resource for our cars.

3. The biggest help is right here on the site. Look at the gallery photo's. If you get stuck, ask someone here to post a picture for you. Everyone here is more than willing to share information and photo's.

Lastly, Nixa isn't that far from Kansas City. Come and visit us and maybe we can help you by looking at our car!!!

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