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Console Installation - Front Pad

I am having a problem with the fitment of the front pad up against the dash at the top of the pad. Their is a significant gap at the top and the two attaching tabs are quite visible. The tabs I am referring to are the ones circled in the attached picture. On VMF, I have been told that this is because the pad actually shrinks over time which I guess makes sense.

So, went back out to the garage this morning and came up with a crazy thought. Has anyone ever cut those tabs off at the rear? It would seem that if you were to do that, and use screws with washers, the top of the pad would fit higher and tighter against the dash. Currently, the long bottom pad fits very tight against the bottom of the front pad so I do not think a little gap there from "raising" the front pad would be anywhere near as annoying as the gap I have now at the top.

I kind of hate the thought of modifying the pad especially if it would present other significant problems. Any thoughts on this crazy idea?

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